These fans ‘aint loyal: On Kate Middleton’s declining popularity

Kate Middleton‘s second pregnancy is not as popular as her first. Perhaps the luster and glory of a new royal British baby has worn off.
Forbes Life notes that recent reports and polls  reveal that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is not as popular; has dropped to fourth in the list of favorite Royal behind Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and her husband Prince William; and is no longer considered a style icon as much as before.
The report also revealed that compared to a year ago only 6% of men surveyed would want to date her and another found that 89% of women do not want to be her. 
Rationalized, some have said women realize the intense scrutiny of her every move, every food choice, every clothing decision is too intense and not really something they’d want for their own lives. 
It’s not necessarily a personal condemnation of Middleton or sign of her declining popularity but more the fact the public if falling out of love with the awe of life as a Royal. 

Read more at Forbes Life. 

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