Tia Mowry gets Braids and Introducing JJ Braids

Woot! Look who got some hot and bold godess box braids!!! Tia Mowry!

One half of our fave twin moms and Bellyitch Blog alums is adding some edge and twist to her look with this brave style! She shared this above image to her fans and followers of her Facebook page account recently.

We love it!

This is a great time then to introduce Bellytich Blog readers who are interested in or who can wear ethnic braided styles to my new braided hair blog, JJ Braids.

I only created JJBraids.com this week after getting numerous queries and requests from friends, family, strangers, in person and in social media, about my various braided styles.
“What is that style?” “What type of braided extensions is that?” “What texture is it?” “What is the length?”” How much did it cost?”” Who did it?”
In this new blog, I answer those questions of the various braided styles I’ve worn over the past 10 years consistently and regularly. 
In coming weeks, I will add links to shops where one can get their hair done in a similar style and links to online resources to purchase the hair.
I hope it can be a resource as I noticed that there really isn’t a similar website or blog out there like it. 
If you are on Facebook, I invite you to join the spanking brand new Facebook page.
If you are on Pinterest, follow the JJ’s Braids Pinterest page where I will be adding more styles from around the web. 
I plan to launch a Twitter and Instagram version too soon so you can keep up dependent of the choice of social media you frequent most. 
Thanks friends and do share! Much appreciate it!

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