Jewish families integrate Christmas with Hannukah trees

Are you surprised that more and more Jewish families are adopting and putting up Hannukah bushes and trees, and even Menorah trees in their homes?

With Christmas being such a major celebrated holiday and season in the United States, many parents of Jewish children have found a way to meld the festivities with their own religious beliefs and culture.

More and more families are hanging Hannukah stockings, and integrating the traditional festival of lights with the customs of Christmas.

Miami Herald
A Pew Research survey released last year found that 32% of Jews said they had a Christmas tree in their home the previous year.
It’s common especially in interfaith families among Jews married to non-Jews.  The survey found that 71% said they put up a tree. 
My mother is Roman Catholic and my father Muslim and he looked forward to decorating the tree and exchanging presents more than us kids even. Over the years, it could easily be argued that the Christmas season has become secular to a certain extent.
That’s exactly what those who are critical say.  The reason it’s easy for non-Christians to adopt Christmas traditions is because the holiday has become  an excuse to get caught up with the consumerism that has taken over Christmas. It has become less about the birth of Jesus Christ and more about an excuse to go crazy in the mall. 
Your thoughts? If you are Jewish, have you or would you consider putting up a Hannukah tree?

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