Princess Charlene and Prince Albert welcome fraternal twins, Jacques and Gabriella

Congrats to Princess Charlene and her husband Prince Albert of Monaco on the birth of their fraternal twins yesterday evening, December 9.
And because of the way the lineage rules work in the principality, even though the boy, Jacques was born after his sister Gabriella, he will be next in line to the throne.
This is the first child for the former South African Olympic swimmer and the next in line to the heir of the throne who announced the pregnancy this past June
Their son Jaques also skips ahead of his 22-year old half- sister Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and half brother 10-year old Alexandre Coste, who his dad fathered from prior relationships with a Californian woman and a Togo, West Africa flight attendant, respectively, years before marrying Charlene in 2011. 
*There is a Game of Thrones reference in her to “the Snows“*
The monarchy rules also prohibit children from unwed unions from ascending to the throne.
Another interesting tidbit of this story is that the double bundle came into this earth at Princess Grace Hospital, named for their grandmother, the late Hollywood actress Grace Kelly
Normally, there is a 21 gun canon salute after a royal baby is born but this round, Albert ordered 42 for the two newborns. 
The babies are the first twins in the royal household, which dates back to the 13th Century.
Nice! Congrats!

h/t Daily Mail

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