2015 Consumer Electronics Show : 10 new Babies & Toddler Tech Gadgets

This week, the International Consumer Electronics Show is going down in Las Vegas, Nevada and like many years, babies and toddler tech is showing big on the exhibit floor of the massive exhibition and conference of the latest in tech. 
There’s a lot of buzz in the tech blogs over the Paci-F, a blue-tooth enabled smart pacifier that detects a child’s temperature and emits an audible sound from a parent-controlled app so a mom or dad can locate a wandering crawler. Cool!
We noticed this device was also included in IntelPress’ roundup of 10 tech gadgets for babies and children spotted at the show. 
During the holidays, also featured in IntelPRess’ roundup is 4MomsMamaRoo rocker which we scoped out on our own in a Babies R Us in December 2014.

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