The New Year Housecleaning Go-To for Tips

The new year also represents a time for people to clean house, throw out junk, and update or reorganize piles of stuff that have accumulated in different corners of their home or office. I’m in the middle of cleaning out my attic this week and I remembered this post from this Spring about my go-to bible for home makers:

When I got engaged back in 1999, a dear law school pal of mine threw me a bridal shower in her quaint Capitol Hill apartment. It was wonderfully organized and I got a chance to check out her very neatly organized home. 

Her secret: The Bible of keeping house, Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House” by Cheryl Mendelson which she gave me as a gift.
It is a nearly 100-page hardback text and includes a comprehensive guide to every section of the home and is easily understood and great for beginners, like I was back then. Even intermediate or advanced home makers will find this resource text helpful.
My dog-eared version of the home-cleaning bible
I didn’t grow up with a mother who passed on homemaking skills and techniques to her children so I was clueless. The book was right on time.
In it, Mendelson explains materials and properties of common household items which is essential for knowing how to care for them and extend their life. She explains when to replace worn out items. Home Comforts  has sections and subchapters like Electricity Safety, The Air in your Castle, Caring for jewelry, Ironing, How to launder Tricky Items and more.
Since I am pretty busy and have been since getting hitched years ago, I haven’t had time to comb carefully through the entire book, yet I use it as a reference guide and turn to it often…especially each Spring during Spring Cleaning time!
If you don’t already have a copy and are considering purchasing a new home or just want to start fresh and learn how to manage your own home, I highly recommend it. It’s available at Amazon.com in Kindle, Paperbook and Pdf now!  And it makes a great wedding or bridal shower gift.

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