Photographer captures Swedish dads on paternity leave

When Swedish photographer Johan Bävman took time off of work in product development at Sandvick to care for his children, he didn’t to search for resources and information for dads in his situation, but couldn’t find much.  It was a shock considering that families in there are required to be given 480 days of parental leave and 60 days of that leave must be used by dads or forfeited. 
To fill that void, he decided to then that he decided to chronicle the stories of other dads in his shoes through imagery. It would benefit the 12% of those eligible for the leave in Sweden actually take it. 
The result of his photography project is a very heartwarming collection of powerful images of dads being nurturing, thorough and hands-on in their upbringing. It’s great to see that the children in the photographs are not overly coiffed or cleaned up and their homes are messy and what a typical lived in abode would look like. 

It’s perfectly imperfect and doesn’t look staged at all.

Check out the photos at BuzzFeed.

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