St. Patrick’s Day: How to hide your early pregnancy from friends while out

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If you are newly preggers but haven’t leaked the news to colleagues, acquaintances and friends yet because it’s still quite early, hiding it from pals at a Saint Patrick’s Day outing this Tuesday may be tough If you can’t come up with an excuse to skip it because up until now you’ve been known in your circles as the group lush, here are some things you can do to maybe head off curious looks and questions:

DRESS:  Stick with A-line tops or dresses or empire waist tops to conceal any bump that may have emerged. Whatever you do, just say no to the new crop top trend this round! mmmkay?

DRINKS: Order a coke or other dark drink at the bar away from everyone so no one knows you’re not consuming alcohol.  They may assume there’s liquor in that glass. Nurse your drink so you get to pass when someone orders another round for the group. You don’t want to waste good liquor having to place it discreetly on the bar and switch it for a nearby empty glass. But hey, you do what you have to do.
If everyone’s going out for beer, you cannot go wrong with carrying your own bottle of O’Doul’s or some other non-alcoholic beer in an oversized handbag and pouring that in an emptied glass when no one’s looking.
NAUSEA AND VOMITTING:  Fortunately, if you have to hurl in the bathroom, and you’re at a pub, you may have plenty of company among other too inebriated light weights in there doing the same. ha! No one will suspect it’s you in the toilet hurling or they may think you had one too many! For once, being considered to be the too drunk girl in the room has its benefits. 

Have Fun and Good Luck keeping your baby-baking secret concealed!!!

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