Royal Baby #2 Frenzy & Watch is on!

The Duchess of Cambridge is currently a few days overdue to deliver her second child with her husband Prince William.

There is rumor out that she will be induced this week or next.  In the meantime, Royal Baby #2 watchers are worked up in a frenzy in anticipation and (some in hopes) that the next baby is a girl.

Who wouldn’t want it to be a princess? This is the case because the couple have suggested plans to name her after Will’s late mom, Princess Diana if it is a girl.

Kate Middleton and William celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary this week. It would have been cool if the baby arrived that day but no such luck!

Check out the assortment of social media images of people expressing their excitement over at E! Online!

who is currently pregnant with her second child, is overdue, according to multiple reports, and per the U.K’s Telegraph, the 33-year-old royal may be induced this week.

Back in March, Prince George’s mama revealed that her due date is “mid to end” of April and we’re now just two days away from May, so understandably, eager royal admirers are feeling a little restless.

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