Mid-flight, Canadian couple welcome first baby they weren’t even expecting (VIDEO)

A vacationing young British Columbia couple on an Air Canada flight to Narita, Japan were surprised by in-flight birth of a child they weren’t even expecting!
“We just thought she had a bad stomach ache, or cramps or ulcer or something,”  Wes Branch told Global News about hi girlfriend Ada Guan‘s unplanned delivery. “She told me, ‘Something fell out of me.’ I lifted up her pants and I saw a head and then I heard, ‘Waah!’
Branch was dumbfounded about the unexpected birth of their first child, a daughter, they named Chloe. The couple left Calgary not knowing they had a baby on the way.
“I thought, ‘Oh my god, I think we have a kid’,” he added.
Fortunately for them, there were two doctors on the plane who helped deliver the baby. 
Branch told the paper that his girlfriend did not have any outward physical appearances of being pregnant.
“Her belly wasn’t even big,” he said. “She just thought she was gaining a little bit of a weight. She didn’t think anything out of it.”
The plane landed at Narita airport 30 minutes ahead of schedule after being bumped up the queue by air traffic controllers.

Flight attendants wheeled her out as dad carried his newborn daughter out the plane. 
Air Canada sent out a congratulatory tweet after the plane landed in Japan. Guan and her baby were taken to a hospital for observation.
They returned home last week. Check out a video on their return.

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