Trending: The High Waisted Jeans, A variation of the mom jeans?

So fashion from the 1970s era is trending this Spring. 
Ordinarily, I would embrace it because I liked the high waisted jeans that was fashionable several seasons ago. It’s not a style of pant everyone can pull off. Still, back then (and I think now) I thought it was a great way for moms who want to hide a tummy bulge to be current and trendy because the high waist compresses that area. 
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Wearing high waisted jeans with a crop top is how the young girls are rocking the trend. But the over 30 set should stick with a nice collared shirt to pair them with.
Also, be careful. If overdone with too many 70s inspired pieces and accessories would have you can looking  like a cliche’d Halloween hippie costume cliche. 
Also, that high waist is eerily similar in cut to the dreaded “mom jeans.” aaaaah!  Anyway, I’m non-committal and still thinking about investing in a decent pair.
What do you think? Would you rock the high waisted jeans mamas?!

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