Borrow our Organization Filing System to get Your Home in Order


We are halfway into Spring. How is your seasonal organizing in preparation for Summer coming along?

I’m behind as usual. I finished cleaning out my attic in early Spring, but still have the basement to sort out.

At least I got a jump start of my family and business filing organizing. I got a kick in the butt when Staples generously sent me one of its “Get Organized for Spring” kits which included some binders, dividers, hole punch and other tools for getting my stacks of paper in check!

I started keeping track of all the household and filing to-do’s by creating a family binder and a small business binder with help of Jennifer Ford Berry‘s popular book series “Organize Now!” I was fortunate to nab one of these handy guides at my town yard sale, unused! It was what I needed to get everything to organize my family budget, my business marketing plans, my to-do lists and other aspects of my super busy life.



Organizing your household is not just good for de-cluttering but it could also raise your energy level, help relieve anxiety and clear room in your mind to focus on other matters that will bring joy, good fortune and happiness.  I’m a big believer in Feng Shui and clarity we get from  keeping things in order.  Also blame the fact I’m a Type-A, Eldest child and a Virgo!

The Staples binders came in quite handy to separate the categories. I used the hole punch to keep large receipts in place under their respective tabs in the binder.

Feel free to borrow the categories I used to separate the dividers in my binders:

  • Warranty information
  • Life insurance information
  • Budget/spending record
  • Bills to pay
  • Utilities/services directory
  • Home decorating ideas
  • Car maintenance schedule/Receipts
  • School schedules and holiday list
  • Lunch menus
  • School information page
  • School reading lists
  • Summer Camp and programs information
  • Medical information sheet for each family member
  • Emergency directory
  • Prescription drug record
  • Health insurance information
  • Travel packing checklist
  • Before-we-leave checklist
  • Vacation idea list
  • Home renovation contractor lists
  • House-sitter information sheet
  • PTA newsletters and rosters
  • Business records
  • Tax Documents for Personal
  • Tax Documents for Business
  • Big Ticket Items receipts
  • Consultants and Independent Contractor records
  • Liability Insurance
  • Business & Office Equipment registry

Hope these are helpful to you as you get yourself and your family organized for the season! Good luck!

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