DOWNLOAD: How to Execute a DIY Fashion Shoot in 10 Steps (eBook)



A few years ago, I had to come up with all the steps for organizing a fashion shoot for this blog. It was daunting because after conducting online research, I discovered that there were no blog posts or other guides around providing step-bey-step instructions.

So I did it myself and shared the steps in a blog post that has since been accessed thousands of times.

Since I realized there was an interest and market for this information, I encapulsated it all and put it in an ebook that is available for download at Kindle and soon the iTunes store and Google Books.

If you or someone you know such as an aspring model, fashion blogger, photographer, stylist or any other fashion industry -type is thinking of producing a shoot and has a limited budget, this is the eBook for him or her.

No where else can you find a concise step-by-step guide so it is very worth the $3.99 cost!

Download it TODAY!

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