10 Nursery Paint & Decorating Ideas


Mint Shaken and Rich Navy Glidden 

One of the most fun things parents-to-be get to do before baby arrives is decorate and design a nursery. Picking the right furniture, room ornaments and bedding can be daunting too, but it usually creates a europhoric feeling because it means you are one step closer to welcoming the new baby. Selecting just the right paint color is part of that nursery prep process. 

The folks at Glidden have put together a Top 10 Baby Room Colors colors that are all part of its Glidden Brilliance Collection exclusively sold only at Wal-mart stores nationwide. 

Here they are:


 Celery Sticks

1. Celery Sticks: A fresh green that is truly soft, cool and gender neutral. Perfect for a nursery with a more ‘natural’ theme. Pair with a nature inspired palette and jungle or animal décor elements.

2. Mint Shake: This is a crisp, cool and calming color for babies, however the lightness and airy feeling of this color keep it radiant. Mint Shake can be combined with a variety of colors including navy for a nautical touch, brown for a nature-inspired theme, pink for a garden feeling and yellow for décor that is whimsical.

3. Rich Navy: This is a dramatic, classic deep blue. It can be more feminine when paired with a pink, or crisp and traditional when paired with elements of white.  

4. Bubblegum Pink: To create the sweetest of rooms, select this charming and energetic pink for use on all four walls. For more a unique décor, use this color on the ceiling and use a neutral on all four walls, paired with white crown molding. This color can be combined with charcoal for a sophisticated and contemporary flair or brown for a softer, more natural and earthy feeling. 

 Bubblegum Pink and Iced Purple

5. Iced Purple: This color personifies a magical, enchanting feeling. It is a touch muted which keeps it softly subtle. Consider combining it with white for a fresh look, charcoal gray for an urban touch or soft green for a sweet and feminine approach.

6. Sweet Baby Girl: The name says it all. This color is lightness with an effervescent quality and can be used on both walls and ceilings. It can also be used on furnishings for a totally soft and serenely pink space. Dark woods will provide a lovely contrast with this palest of pinks. 

 Early Morning and Spring BlueBell

7. Walnut Bark: This rich chocolate brown creates a delicious nursery, when paired with a white ceiling and a light floor treatment to keep the space balanced. White accents and furnishings will provide the contrast necessary to keep this lovely brown lifted. White linens, lace, glass, mirrors and light accents will also play perfectly in this space.

8. Early Morning Sun: This is the perfect gender neutral nursery yellow. Use navy for a more masculine theme and sweeten it with touches of pink, violet and white for a feminine approach. 

 Sweet Baby Girl and Walnut Bark

9. Spring Bluebell: This color will make a nursery feel cool and fresh. It’s perfect for a baby girl when elements of pink, white and yellow are incorporated. For the baby boy, the use of brown, navy and white create a more classic approach.



10. Sweet Baby Boy: A traditional blue, this color is perfect for that classic approach to the nursery. Combine with other shades of blue to create a monochromatic scheme. Use deep woods or white for needed contrast in this cool space. For accessories use accents of yellow for warmth, yellow-green for harmony or charcoal for a contemporary flair.

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