How Does Cord Blood Storage Work? (VIDEO)

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Cord blood banking has grown steadily among American parents.

My husband and I had not banked our first two children’s cord blood. However, when we decided that we would be having our last child, our third, we bit the bullet and got her cord blood banked.

That was in 2007 and back then, outside of the initial set up fees and charges, the annual cost was nominal, only about $125. That is a small price to pay for insurance in case any of us or any of our close family members would need that blood for some reason, God forbid any of us get leukemia or any other blood disease. We’ve read all the literature and news that challenge the value of cord blood storage, but given that science advances each year, we didn’t want to take the risk of losing out the chance to have cord blood banked.

Its uses could be exponential in the future. Who knows!?!

Not only are parents investing in storage, grandparents, Godparents and other close family and friends are giving the gift of cord blood collection as birthday gifts to new arrivals in their families.

Not everyone who decide to bank their baby’s cord blood know what the process entails.

ConsumersAffairs.com released a 3-minute video last week that educates parents and consumers, generally, how cord blood is collected, processed and stored.

Check it out!

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