Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style Palette; What Else She Should be Wearing

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Kim Kardashian West has said she will be keeping her maternity style simple this round. While pregnant with her first child with husband Kanye West, the reality TV star got a lot of ridicule and teasing on her over-the-top outfits, some of which wasn’t the best fit for her body type.

Not everyone can carry their baby weight only in their belly like some of these Hollywood starlets out here.

I notice that she’s had one consistent style palette so far: a bump hugging pencil skirt dress  in neutral tones under a long sweater, wrap, jacket or coat. She’s kept her hair slicked back as well.

It works for her!

I cannot imagine being knocked up in the public eye and being constantly photographed, featured on websites, blogs, and gossip magazines and newspapers, only to be picked apart, scrutinized, critiqued and ridiculed by every Tom, Dick and Harry with an opinion. Ugh!

It’s a trade off for fame.

Though her selection works for her, I’d mix it up a bit and branch out some occasionally.

Here are the couture level picks I’d go with if I had the budget of a Kim K or  Kim Cavallari. The belted looks can be worn above the bump. The high end pieces can be adjusted to fit your body in a more flattering way. There are a lot more styling and adjustment options for those that can afford to pay top dollar.

Below that are the more sensible, around-the-way girl price point selections I like.

Check them out.

Do you like.




For less pricier pieces, here are some items to consider:


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