5 Ways Exercise Can Benefit You During Pregnancy

Guest Post

exercise benefits during pregnancy

Let’s be real: pregnancy is not all cocoa butter and foot rubs.  Our bodies change, our favorite meals are suddenly nauseating, and boy, are we tired all the time.

Unfortunately, the more sedentary we are the more we become plagued by these symptoms.

Still, many expecting mothers are apprehensive to exercise with a delicate bun in the oven.  They wonder: is it safe?  The short answer is yes.

Provided you have no serious medical problems (you should always, always check with your doctor first, pregnant or not) and you are training with a certified professional, working out while pregnant is not only safe, but it is also incredibly beneficial.

Here are ResoluteBody.com‘s 5 areas where proper exercise can benefit your pregnancy:

1.      Morning sickness. The consistent nausea that often comes with pregnancy is…well, nauseating.  It is not uncommon for mommies-to-be to get caught up in a vicious cycle where no food at all is appealing.  However, a personal trainer whom specialized in pregnancy and postpartum workouts cannot only provide you with nutritional support, they can also help stimulate your healthy appetite again through proper exercise routines.

2.      Back pain.  Once again, a skilled personal trainer specializing in pregnancy and postpartum exercise can implement a proper workout routine that will not only prevent additional back pains, but also mollify the issue through strategic stretches and poses.

3.      Fatigue.  It is easy to get caught up in a sedentary cycle while pregnant.  However, safe and effective exercise with a pregnancy/postpartum workout expert does more than end this detrimental cycle; it provides you with renewed energy too.  Contrary to popular belief, regular low impact exercise has actually been proven to increase our overall energy, rather than expend it.

4.      Labor delivery.  Think of your due date as a marathon.  You’ll need strength, stamina, and a whole lot of training if you want to make your delivery as streamlined as possible.  Regular training with an expert can ensure you are up for the challenge by strengthening your pelvic floor and improving your endurance.

5.      Weight gain.  Pregnancy is no excuse get out of shape and lose yourself by gaining excess amounts of weight.  In fact, unhealthy weight gain can be downright dangerous to you and your babe.  With a safe exercise program in place, you can keep your body healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy.  Plus, it will make getting back in shape after your baby is born all the more easier.

So, you see, pregnancy and working out can and should go hand-in-hand.  As long as you are working with a trained professional, you should be not only safe, but also thriving from your prego workout routine.

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