30 Infant Care Blogs for New Parents

If you just had a new baby or are preparing to give birth for the first time, here are 30 blog entries with practical, real life baby care advice curated from our friends at FindABabySitter for our readers.

Infant Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, newborns can sleep between 10 and 18 hours per day. As babies get older, periods of wakefulness increase and get longer, but babies still spend a significant portion of their time sleeping. Because sleep is such an important part of a baby’s early life, it’s important that new parents and caregivers have a basic understanding of infant sleep cycles and sleep safety.

Newborn Care

Caring for a brand new baby is a bit more daunting than looking after an older one for many people. Newborns are so delicate and fragile that they can make parents and caregivers with limited experience a bit nervous. These five blog entries detail the basics of newborn-specific care, helping to demystify babies and reassure those who will be looking after them.


Whether the baby under your care is breast-fed, formula-fed or getting old enough to begin experimenting with more solid foods, feeding a baby properly is essential to her health and ability to grow. Thriving babies are fed regularly and well, a task that these five blog entries help to explain and simplify.

Changing Diapers

One of the messier aspects of caring for a baby is dealing with the necessary evil that is diapering. Unless you’re practicing elimination communication, your baby will be wearing – and soiling – diapers.  By perusing the content in these five blog entries, you’ll be able to deftly handle any mess that comes your way.

Baby Bathing

The prospect of combining a delicate infant with a potentially dangerous bathtub is justifiably scary for new parents and caregivers. Armed with the information in these five blog entries, you’ll be confidently bathing the baby under your care in no time.

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