Bellyitch says goodbye to BellyitchParent.com


Bellyitch Parent   a parenting resource

After over a year, Bellyitch Blog is shutting down its parenting blog offspring Bellyitch Parent.

We launched the website in June 2014 as a spin-off of this site in consideration for those who just wanted parenting advice, tips, news and information without having to filter through the celebrity pregnancy, fashion and other fun, yet fluffy, content we share on the blog.

But alas, the blog has been illegally syndicated by other sites (most infamously, by whomever owns Pregnatips -http://pregnatstips.blogspot.com/) and as such, we have been incurring search penalties with so much duplicate content out in the blogsphere.

We’ve tried numerous times to get Google to shut down this entire Pregnatips website which has over 100 of our articles illegally duplicated on its site with an invitation to others to copy and share so long as they link back to it. So it not only steals our content, it also gives it away to others who may be unaware that the content is stolen.

Google will only shut down one article at a time and we are struggling to get the entire site taken down for its blatant, flagrant and consistent copyright violation of our original content. It is in clear violation of Google’s Terms of Service for being a repeat infringer, yet no such luck in getting it yanked.

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It has ads on the site and thus is making money for itself and Google, which hosts it as it is a Blogspot/Blogger blog and Google owns that platform. The owner is unknown though if Google sends her/him AdSense payments, it should be aware who this content thief is.

As such, we have no other alternative than to do what we have control over and at least eliminate one source of duplicate content which is the posts and articles that used to appear in BellyitchParent.com

We hope those of you who frequented and visited the site saw value in it.

You can still find the information there on Bellyitch now that our recent site design makes it easier for you to find the parenting articles directly.

Thank you for being readers and your support of that site! We really appreciate it and thank you for your understanding.

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