Back to School Review: Clark’s Cloud Steppers Sillian Firn

From NYC to Nagasaki to Newcastle, kids have returned back to school.

Our team of Bellyitch Moms and their broods are no exception.

Our product reviewer, Chelsea Social, “walks” us through a day in the life of a Clark Cloud Stepper. ($85 retail)


Back to School

So my eldest son has just begun PK3, which means the sleepy time summer morning routine is over. So when my Sillian Firn Walking Shoes came in the mail, I was excited. Growing up, a new school year always meant new shoes. Now this time, as a mom, I have new mommy school shoes.

The first test of the Clarks was…you guessed it, walking! You can’t have the name walking in your shoes label and not expect someone to walk in them. My son’s school is only 0.2miles from home. So it’s a 10 minute walk with the toddler and baby in tow.

First off, Clark spoils you! The first time you put on the shoes it feels like your walking on a memory foam mattress. The soles of the shoe babies your feet. And the Sillian Firn design has an elastic wrap over the face of your foot. The total effect makes you feel like your foot is being held by someone giving you a foot massage. If you’re like me – this is heavenly! I was skipping around the house before my husband asked what was going on.

Off to School

As an avid walker, the Clarks really are comfortable walking shoes. The foam cushion, though not as high as my athletic shoe, supported my heels and high aches. The elastic top grip meant that my foot didn’t feel like it would slip out with every step. By the time we arrived at school, my feet didn’t feel like they had gone for a walk at all. No shin splints. No aching heels. The walk home was equally pleasant.

Not Your Mother’s Clarks

From the moment you open the box to the first time I slipped on the shoes, I knew these were my Clarks. I remember my mom telling me stories about growing up in Trinidad. How after Christmas, my grandmother would set money aside in the family budget each week so that my mom and her siblings would have a new pair of Clarks for Easter. It was that serious!

Her old Clarks were her best Sunday shoes until she grew out of them or gave them to her younger sister.

By comparison my Clarks Sillian Firn Walking Shoes are amazing.

They are comfortable without being fussy. And the style is espadrille chic with an elastic grip. Clarks has always been known to make good quality shoes. So I wasn’t surprised to see the elastic topsides were dual stitched making the shoes harder to unravel.

These are everyday, running errand and taking kids to school shoes. While my mom was only allowed to wear her Clarks on Sundays, my Clarks are the Monday to Saturday shoe.

Buy, Try, or Say Bye-Bye

Definitely a buy! I’ve worn the shoes off and on now for about three weeks. The memory foam in the soles are not as forgiving as when they were new. The shoes seems to have adjusted to my hard walking stance. But besides that the shoes are still very comfortable and have withstood some longer treks. These are definitely the new mom shoe to have for the fall!

Chelsea Social

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