Mistress to Married and Expecting NFL Star Adrian Peterson Sues $2M for Pregnancy, even After Miscarrying ‘Love Child’

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Minnesota Vikings football player Adrian Peterson was being sued for $2 Million in child support by a massage therapist (not his currently pregnant wife, Ashley) who he got pregnant.

And even though the massage therapist recently miscarried since filing her child support claim, she still seeks monetary compensation from Peterson for pain and suffering and pregnancy expenses.

TMZ reported that this August, the complainant’s attorney contacted Peterson for a settlement to cover the following expenses for 18 years of the child’s life, had it been born and lived:

1. Monthly support — $6,000 for 216 months ($1,296,000)

2. Pre and postnatal costs — $30,000

3. Health insurance costs — $1,000 per month for 216 months ($216k)

4. Private school — average of $30k for 13 years ($325k)

5. Uninsured health care costs including mental health costs for the child — $3k per year

6. Attorney’s fees — $60,000

However, she miscarried in early September and has amended the complaint, TMZ notes, to request money for pregnancy related expenses and “pain and suffering.”

Peterson rejected the initial demand but his attorney has said he is open to settle for a reasonable amount if the child was determined to have been his.

That was before the miscarriage.  The message therapist says she kept the “fetal tissue”.

It brings to mind some serious questions including what constitutes a “child” given she was probably in the early stages when miscarrying yet wants the court to determine it was a child. In many circumstances related to abortion, there is denial that a fetus can and should be considered a child.


Anyway, this would’ve been Peterson’s 9th child. It is disputed but his wife is reportedly expecting his 8th child and he supposedly have had 6 other children with other women in the past.

What a mess!

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