How Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld are Helping Needy Families and Promoting Fatherhood

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We love when we see celebrities using their fame for good.

Nationwide, the need for diapers is great with nearly one in three U.S. families not able to afford an adequate supply.

Jessica Seinfeld, who we’ve previously reported for her work promoting her charity Baby Buggy which gives gently used essentials and other goods to families in need, recently announced the success of the “Change for Good” initiative.

It was a partnership with Seventh Generation brand and Whole Foods which led to a donation of 1.5 million diapers for families in need. For every pack of Seventh Generation “Free & Clear” diapers purchased at Whole Foods Market between May 1 and September 30, 2015, Seventh Generation donated a pack of newborn or size one diapers to Baby Buggy, who distributed them to families in need across the country.”

The diaper donations have helped families in countless ways, from a father in Southern California who can now send his child to daycare with real diapers instead of the makeshift homemade diapers he once created, to the expecting, low-income military families in the Seattle area who welcomed diapers in advance of their babies’ arrival, a press release from Seventh Generation read. The donations provide a necessity for babies and peace of mind for parents, as illustrated by the young mom living in a group home in New York who can now focus on reading to and playing with her baby when she gets home from her job as a store clerk, instead of worrying about how she will squeeze enough out of her paycheck to buy the diapers she needs. She can now be the type of mom she wants to be and that she never had.

“Diapers are an essential and relentless need. There are very few state or federal child safety-net programs that allocate dollars specifically for the purchase of diapers, and yet a pack costs approximately 1.5 hours working minimum wage for low-income families to afford,” said Dr. Laurel Parker West, Vice President National Programs, Baby Buggy. “This program is especially critical to families we serve who often have to choose between buying food and buying diapers, and we are so pleased to be making this national distribution to families in need.”

Awesome news!

These wins come on the heels of a recent launch of the organization’s “Baby Buggy Fatherhood Initiative” this past June, led by Jessica’s hubby famed comedian Jerry Seinfeld.  The goal of the initiative was to get dads involved in their children’s lives by expanding support and assistance to them as well, especially those in low-income families.

Good stuff! Kudos all around!

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