18 Nutritious Bento Box Ideas for Your Kid’s School Lunch

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I just got my OmieBox Bento Box in the mail this week! I’m so excited to prepare some nutritious lunches full of variety for my picky eater.

The colorful plastic portable lunch box with compartments like a typical Japanese Bento box is a gift to me from the creators  in appreciation of me blogging about their wonderful lunch box invention that was featured on Kickstarter  last year.

As I am trying to come up with some healthy and yummy lunch options to fill in this box, I am once again sharing some Bento Box lunch images I found online.  These tiny meals are the perfect solution for providing many options and keeping them neat and tidy for little hands,

These days retailers like Pottery Barn and Target sell them starting at around $10 each, and upwards.  More complex ones like Omie Box‘s have hot attachment options so you can provide soup too.

Check out these creative lunch options I spotted that some have already created. I’m making my grocery shopping list now to accommodate some of these ideas.









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