The One Pop-Up Book You Need to Get For Your Baby


Here is a book to consider getting for your baby this Cyber Monday.

A few years ago I was in a thrift store while looking for a vintage purse and jeans of the reason actual real life “in store” scrummaging may be worth getting in the brick and mortar world every once in awhile. I wandered over to the kids section and picked up this wonderfully creative and interesting book with the Alphabet in it — in 3D!! And it’s called that ABC3D by French designer/artist Marion Bataille.

Check out a video of the book:

Each letter is a crafty work of art that surprises the tiny learner with each page turn. It’s a simple ABC book.  In three colors: Red, Black and White, the colors scientists used to say are best for newborns and infants. I wouldn’t leave it alone with a small kid though because some of the pieces are delicate and the transition from X to Y and from E to F is so slight that you can’t open the book all the way to see those preceding letters, but overall, it’s a great pop-up book. I mean for an adult even! It would make a great coffee table book. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship of the letter “U” personally.

Hard copy. I got it for $1.20 and it retails for $19.99 and is sold on Amazon.com for $13.57 (Check out the REVIEWS!). It was nicely used and not stiff as when you probably first pick up a pop-up book never opened before. I’ve picked up gently used children’s classics from consignment shops also. Always make time to shop for the kids there while looking for your vintage broaches and pieces for yourself, divas!

A child could NEVER HAVE too many books. I learned this lesson from my 5-year old who we flooded with books since birth and can already read! (I have to check to what extent his viewing the “My Baby Can Read” series once in a while played a factor and/or his being eager to read just like his big brother can. I’ll get back to ya on that one! LOL!)

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