Why We Love Kim Kardashian West’s Candor About her Pregnancy This Go Round

kim k

Kim Kardashian West has gained 52 pounds this pregnancy already and she still has 6 weeks to go.

It matters that the celebrity pop icon is being refreshingly honest because she has such a massive following and her candidness about her struggles to conceive and her sharing that she doesn’t love being pregnant are all great for de-mystifying pregnancy.

With her openness, Mrs. West also represents the millions of women past and present who also hate pregnancy and have struggled to conceive.  The former are made to feel selfish or ungrateful if they dare complain and the latter hear insensitive things about their fertility all the time and have to deal and keep it together.

Also, for those who have never given birth, don’t plan to or are men, Kim K’s honesty in comments in social media and news articles also gives the other side that isn’t often seen in the press.

Most celebs boast about how wonderful pregnancy is and don’t share their conception challenges, so someone as influential as Kim K keeping it real is a big deal.

Like her and her fam or not, they do make a difference! Kudos Kim K West! Hang in there, mama! You’re in the homestretch!

h/t Yahoo! Entertainment

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