Pregnant CNN Anchor Who Passed Out Live On Air and Baby are Fine, She Updates

poppy harlow

After passing out on air LIVE this Monday, pregnant CNN anchor Poppy Harlow has updated everyone that she eventually went to the hospital and that she and baby are fine.

Harlow, was in the middle of presenting the news this past Monday morning when she passed out. The audience couldn’t see her because at the time, a graphic was being presented on the screen.

However, just before she blacked out, you could hear her sounding sort of short of breath and she looked a tiny bit lethargic. Also, CNN staff can be heard scrambling to her aid in the background while the graphic was on the screen.  When she returned on air, she told the audience she was okay.

Later, she also thanked concern viewers.

“Thank you all for your concern and messages! I am ok! Passed out briefly and am with the doctor now,” the journalist tweeted. “So thankful to our amazing CNN team.”

After a trip to the hospital, Harlow updated her followers on Twitter once again to clear up the status of her unborn child.

“Update from the hospital — our little girl due this spring is doing just fine.” she tweeted. “Was a scare but we are both ok. Thank you all so much!”

Phew! We are wishing her a safe remaining pregnancy, labor and delivery!

See the video here:

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