The Celeb ‘Bump Watch’ Term We’d Like to Gossip Blogs Leave in 2015

shows off bump

Is it time yet to nominate phrases and terms we will like to see left in 2015 and not carted over to 2016??

If so, I’d like to nominate the phrase “shows off her bump” to describe the sighting of a celebrity pregnant woman out and about the street doing regular stuff.

I’m certain we might have used the term in Bellyitch before so I’m not throwing stones from inside a glass house. No ma’am. No sir.

I just was going through our Google Alerts the other day and noticed how many of my fellow gossip blogs and websites abuse the overused term to describe something that really isn’t there.

Whoa  Baby  Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Bump   E  Online

When I think of someone “showing off” something, I think of a person boasting or proudly presenting something for others to see, almost in an “in your face” sort of way. I don’t think of the person who is just casually walking down the street and is caught by paparazzi.

Pregnant Emma Willis shows of growing baby bump at The Voice UK launch   OK  Magazine

Now, if the mom-to-be has starred in a maternity photo shoot and purposefully exposes her pregnant belly or growing bump for the cameras, then perhaps, I can see that descriptor being appropriate.

Kimberly Stewart Shows Off Her Bump   Kimberly Stewart Shows   3


Any other time, nah!

Coco Austin Shows Off Her Daughter Chanel as a Baby Bump

So, in order to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, I’ve come up with a few other terms we can use in its stead:

  • Celeb Mom-to-be Chills
  • Check out Celeb Mom’s Cute Baby Bump
  • We spotted Celeb X at the Cinema and Look How Adorbs her Bump Is
  • Celeb X Enjoys the Park while Waiting for the Arrival of her Next baby
  • Celeb X looks radiant in Pink and Her bump does too
  • Celeb X is Bumpilcious in Red
  • Look whose bump is gettting big: Celeb X
  • We checked in on Celeb X and See how Big her Bump Has Grown

There! Just some ideas. Approps with a hint of “click bait” too. lol

Ok. Ready Set…Happy 2016!!

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen proudly shows off her baby bump in selfie   Daily Mail Online


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