This 2-yr Old Instagram Star Just Launched Her Own Fashion Line

Seriously!?! Someone’s 22-month old baby just launched her own fashion line.

An Australian toddler, with an expansive wardrobe, by the name of Mille-Belle Diamond boasts 144,000 Instagram followers and, according to the Daily Mail Australia, is set to sell a line of sequinned capes and jackets, fur coats, leather caps and studded leather jackets.

The IG account describes Mille-Belle as a “fashion and travel blogger”.  It’s 2015. There’s no need to know how to talk to be a blogger. ?

Mille-Belle’s venture will be called MBD- The label.

“The new line will be a luxe line for babies and will also cater to that niche market for mums and bubs matching fashion,” the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Instagram star’s mom Schye Fox, told the paper. “We are getting the pieces made from the best in the world so we have people from all over the world working on it for us.”

Wow! Ok. WTG, baby. Well. WTG, Mom because really, the baby really isn’t doing any of this. Ha!

H/T Daily Mail

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