Attachment Parenting: The Best Celeb Trend Has Got to Be Slings

celeb slings

I love slings as baby carriers so it was great to see new mom Coco Austin toting her newborn Chanel Nicole in one in a recent Instagram share.  She’s been spending a lot of time traveling back and forth from her home in California to Chicago where her husband IceT‘s show Law and Order: SVU  tapes.

“Leaving Chicago….This how we roll,” the TV host and reality TV star captioned the photo.

Bravo! Celebrities are influential and trend-setters. I’m so happy to see that over the past decade or so, many have embraced attachment parenting through baby-wearing slings.

Slings, in my opinion, are better for cradling the natural curve and spine of a new baby compared to those baby carriers which separate baby’s legs and pelvis and have them suspended from a very odd and uncomfortable position.

Because babies cannot talk so many have been forced to endure life strapped in the most uncool spots on their mama’s or papa’s chest. Some new parents do not even bother to pay attention to the warning on the labels of those carriers recommended they be used for babies who can hold their heads up on their own.

I’ve seen so many babies with their heads dangling on the side due to undeveloped neck muscles. When I see it in the malls or at the park, I have to hold myself back from giving them some unsolicited advice.

If I were rich, I’d gift all new moms (and dads) I see with their baby hold up in such contraptions a brand new sling. But I am not so I will just settle for hoping those who watch and emulate celebrities will take cues from Coco and the like and use a sling when they have a new baby.



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