These are the Top 3 Boy & Girl Names 2016 Expecting Moms Plan to Name their Babies

top baby names

If you are expecting this years and want your child to stand out in Kindergarten and not have to share a name with one, two or three other kids in his class, then don’t give him one of these names.

Glow, a community of expecting, new and veteran parents with 150,000 pregnancies under their belt, polled members asking what they planned to name their children who were expected to be delivered this year, 2016.

Liam came in number one among boys and Charlotte was the most common among girls.

Could Charlotte be a nod to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton’‘s daughter? And Lucas and Leia were among the top 4. A nod to Star Wars, perhaps?

Here are the top vote -getters:


  1. Liam – 53.87%
  2. Lucas – 16.73%
  3. Ethan – 16.38%


  1. Charlotte – 30%
  2. Sophia – 28.20%
  3. Emma – 21.06%
  4. Leia – 14.79% (included because of the Star Wars link and we love Star Wars)

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