Verdict: Revenge Couple that Planted Weed in PTA Prez’s Car must Pay her $4M



When I heard there was a reality TV show about an Atlanta PTA, I thought, really? There is that much drama in PTAs?


A now-divorced California couple will have to pay a $5.7 million dollar civil verdict to anothe parent whose car they planting with drugs inside the car of the

It was the end of a sinister revenge plot over a school drop off and pick up line!?!


In 2010, Jill Easter was waiting for her 6-year old son to arrive in the school pick up line following an after-school tennis practice at the Plaza Vista School in Irvine after school. Another parent Kelli Peters remarked to Easter that her son was “too slow” to come outside. 

Easter regarded the retort as an insult to her son’s intelligence & vowed revenge

First, Jill and her husband Kent Easter, both lawyers, attempted to get Peters removed as the PTA president. When that endeavor ended with the school finding no just cause to remove Peters, the Easters came up with a more sinister plot. 

Kent planted drugs into Peters’ car and called the police from a hotel room stating he was a concerned parent who suspected Peters was on drugs. 

When police went to Peters and searched her vehicle, they discovered marijuana in the car and arrested Peters in front of her daughter even.  

Though Peters was never charged, she still said the ordeal was humiliating. 

“I  was crying and begging for him to not put the drugs on the car, because people would see it,” Peters said during her trial. “Everybody was looking at me and I felt very humiliated.”

Eventually, Jill got a plea deal and testified against her husband, who she eventually divorced. He admitted the crime. 

When asked in court if he planted the drugs on Peters, he replied: “Very stupidly, and unfortunately, yes.”

He has since filed for bankruptcy & says he is unable to pay.

It’s a high price to be petty. 

“This was really not about money, this was about standing up to people that pick on other people and telling them it’s not OK to do this,” she said in court after the verdict. “I feel like justice has been served.”


H/t ABC News

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