Which TV Mom are You Most Like? This FlowChart Guide will Tell You

TV mom

Last year, for Back to the Future Day, we asked which television mom would you bring back from the future. It is quite true that the mom characters in television history play pivotal roles in the lives of generations.

Personally, I’d say I resonate best with several of my favorite TV moms:

  • I love Frankie Heck from The Middle because she tries her best to stay on top of things and reflects the frazzled mom in all of us.
  • Florida Evans from Good Times surmounted economic challenges of poverty with dignity and was a glue in her family.
  • Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch gave the best advice and could put everything in perspective.
  • Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show was sharp as a whip and kept her spouse and children on the straight and narrow while building them up all the while. She is the professional wife and mom who could balance it all like how all of us working moms want to do.
  • Mortician Addams  from The Addams Family was elegant and classy and kept her creepy brood together.
  • Peggy Bundy didn’t like to cook, clean and was the reluctant housewife like I am most days.
  • Black’ishBo Johnson‘s idealistic take on life reflects the optimism I strive to embrace and impart on my children despite all the negatives and wrongs in the world.
  • I am a “smother” , smothering mom, at times just like Beverly Goldberg  from The Goldbergs. My husband calls me her all the time. It’s so hilarious to me.
  • Elyse Keaton from Family Ties was a consummate supportive mom and Harriett Winslow from Family Matters, Rochelle Rock from Everybody Hates Chris and Roseanne Connor from Roseanne kept it all the way real. I try to do the same.

Canada celebrated its Mothers’ Day recently and Mother’s Day in the US is a couple of months and to help celebrate the impending day of celebration, the guys at Sherri’s Berries assembled this great flow chart to help you figure out which TV mom you are most like:

Please include attribution to Berries.com with this graphic.
Which TV Mom Are You?



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