Why This Headline about Adam Levine’s Impending Fatherhood Made Me Smile

adam levine fatherhood

So Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine acknowledged his Model wife Behati Prinsloo‘s pregnancy  for the first time ever publicly when he tweeted about it recently.

“My two favorite laker fans,” Adam Levine wrote on April 2, along with a few emojis, including a baby, a bottle, and a basketball.



But you know, in all the coverage about this revelation, I smiled with delight at Inquisitor’s headline: “Adam Levine Confirms Wife Behati Prinsloo’s Pregnancy, Will He Quit ‘The Voice’ To Focus on Pregnancy.”


Because often times, men are not expected to shift their career plans when they have children. Women are. This is true for celebrities and high profile people as well.

When Hillary Clinton‘s daughter Chelsea became pregnant for the first time in 2014, for example, there were a few asinine and sexist stories asking whether she would pursue the presidency or settle down to be a grandmother. No one would consider that for a male politician. It wouldn’t be a big deal to have a grandfather in the White House but God-forbid a grandmother makes a run. Pashaw!

The entire article is about rumors that swirled about before Levine’s tweet but I squealed with delight to see (1) fatherhood being elevated as something that would be a top priority in a man’s life; and (2) an alternative view of the traditional query made upon female parents-to-be.

Aint equality grande?!?


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