4 Weekend De-Clutter Tips For Families


Weekend is the best time to work on your Spring Cleaning projects. Here are four things to consider for today or upcoming weekends to organize your home with tips curated from the Goodwill of Chesapeake to help you out.

1. Clean out the closets. You never know what you are going to find. As you dive into the deepest corners of your closet, our suggestion is to focus on one category at a time: clothes first, shoes second. Put the keepers in their new permanent places before moving on to a new category. Be vigilant. Unless it holds deep meaning, donate it or toss it.

2. Create piles.Create one pile for trash (sweater with spaghetti stain), one for donations (sweater that you’ve only worn once), and one for keepers, which you will organize later. Better yet, make it a family affair. De-cluttering really can be a fun activity. Ask each person in your family to gather every item of clothing that they own and pile it in a designated area.

3. Get rid of gadgets.You replaced that desktop computer with a laptop a couple years ago, but the dinosaur still sits in your home office. Let it go.  Many Goodwill shops accept computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, portable DVD players, and other electronics. By donating your computer to someone in need, you are giving someone a chance that – due to illness or other barriers – may not have otherwise had one.

4. Don’t neglect the kitchen.If you have five identical baking sheets, or an unruly coffee mug collection, you can stand to lose a few things. Remember, all of your donations make a difference. Think about the greater good. If you’ve never used that salad spinner that Mom gave you, thank her for the gift and pass it along. A lot of drop off locations accept cookware, glassware, small appliances, and tablecloths in good condition.


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