Parent Shaming Study: 1 in 5 Toddlers Have Never Tried A Vegetable 

New research has found that almost one in five two-year-olds have never even tried any kind of vegetable. Research shows the importance of parents to persist even though kids do not like certain foods.

A new survey found that parents have been so tired of the daily eating battle that they have stopped trying altogether. As a result, more than 30,000 toddlers based in the UK are not getting their 5-a-day, which is the consumption of at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily.

Many parents have admitted to using a variety of tactics to convince young kids to eat healthy food. One in three used the television as a distraction while more than half of the respondents from the survey have tried making food more appealing. The same study has shown that one in three parents often feel nervous and confused during the eating process.

Research has shown that when a child’s eating problem is short-term, the lack of nutrients is unlikely to do any harm. However, long-term refusal of fruits and vegetables that contain protein, calcium, fiber, vitamins and minerals can stunt development.

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