We Love These 7 Baby-wearing Celeb Dads who Choose Slings over Carriers

We think we can all agree that there is nothing sexier than a dad baby-wearing.

I am a fan of slings over the popular carriers which I dislike because they force baby’s legs open in an unnatural position that can stunt a baby’s mobility and development.

Sling carriers support the natural curvature of a baby’s spine and can be worn from infancy until toddlerhood. I cringe when I see people place newborns in those carriers despite the labels that say they should only be in them after they can hold up their head on their own. 

Thus, I loved seeing those baby-wearing celeb dads that have chosen the slings over the carriers like Jay-Z carrying baby Blue Ivy, Cam Gigandet toting baby Everleigh Rae across his midsection and Channing Tatum with then 5-week old Everly.

Liev Schreiber loved so protective with  his newborn baby Alexander in a Mamma’s Milk baby sling back in 2007.

Christopher Jarecki kept his baby Bear Blu snug when the two visited mom Alicia Silverstone on set.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are two sling-wearing dads with their  twins Harper and Gideon.

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