#CongratsSavannah: TODAY ‘s Pregnant Host Opts Out of Rio Brazil Coverage


TODAY host Savannah Guthrie has opted out of covering the Rio Olympics this summer, per doctor’s orders.  The 44-year old and her husband Mike Feldman are expecting their second child.

#CongratsSavannah was trending on Twitter this morning after the host made the announcement this morning.

She gathered in her co-hosts by pretending to play a game of Tuesday Trending Fishbowl and drew the question, “Are You Pregnant” to which she answered, “Well yeah, I am pregnant.”


Feldman and her husband are parents to 21-month old Vale, who showed up on the set shortly after the announcement wearing a big sister shirt declaring her status. “I was here first,” her yellow shirt read.


This morning, Guthrie blogged about the news and “the thought of getting to add ” to her family now.

It “is beyond every hope, dream and prayer I have ever had. It is not simply double the joy — it is joy multiplied infinitely,” she wrote.

Given all the warnings about Zika virus in the Caribbean and South America, it was a no-brainer that she’d miss it.

“The doctors say that we shouldn’t because of the Zika virus so I’ll miss it,” Savannah said. “You’re going to have to go to female beach volleyball without me, Matt. Try to carry on.”

She’ll be busy with all the Presidential election circus anyway. ha! Congrats again!





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