For the 100th Time, Jennifer Aniston is Forced to Deny Pregnancy Rumors

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston continues to be the celebrity who gets the most speculation over whether she is pregnant or not? This week is no different. In Touch  magazine printed an article suggesting that the Friends alum and her actor husband Justin Theroux (The Leftovers) were expecting a “miracle baby.”

To prove the point, the cover photo was one of many pics paparazzi took of the couple while they vacationed on a beach in The Bahamas recently.

We don’t have permission to post the photos, but you can head over to UK’s Daily Mail to check them out for yourself.

All we have to say is this: We wish our bellies looked that toned and firm at age 47 in a bikini.

To shut down the rumor, Aniston was photographed last Wednesday June 15th looking svelte than ever. Her rep said the slight budge was because the Mother’s Day star had eaten a big meal right before heading to the beach.

Makes Sense! Leave Jen alone. Even though, we understand a lot of people in her uterus know she wanted to have children and want her to have them really bad so they cannot help themselves. Right?


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