Tatyana Ali launches a Pregnancy Blog over at PEOPLE mag

tatyana ali

Actress and singer Tatyana Ali is the latest celeb to join PEOPLE magazines list of celebrity baby bloggers.

The star best known for playing Ashley Banks on the hit 90s television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is expecting her first child with her husband Dr. Vaughn Rasperry whom she met on eHarmony and became engaged to in March.

In her first post, Ali talks about becoming a lot more intuitive since becoming pregnant. And she also discovered that forgetfulness also comes with the package but it is a worthwhile trade-off, she writes.

“While I’ve discovered pregnancy brain is a real condition, I’m amazed to witness a deeper connectivity. I’m able to shift my awareness from what’s going on around me to my baby.” the multiple-TV film actress penned.  “It happens instinctively. I can be truly engaged in conversation while simultaneously paying deep attention to the bouncing and flipping happening on the inside.”

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And it is at this time that the pretty daughter of Trini immigrants has realized how amazing her own mom was.

“My mother had the power to be engaged in the world and still know exactly what we were doing and what we needed,” she wrote. “Many mothers do. It feels like I’m beginning to take that power on. My mother always knows where her children are, no matter what she’s doing. Even now, I can be in a different city, and BOOM! I get a phone call from her when I’m potentially in danger or in emotional pain.”

Ali has starred in recent project Second Sight and Samaria, being released this year. You can download her 2014 single “Hello” on iTunes.

Read the entire post on  PEOPLE here and follow her on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Twitter @TatyanaAli.

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