AMAZING STORY: These ‘Twinblings’ Were Born 5 Weeks Apart


After struggling for years with infertility and a number of failed IVF attempts, Nancy and Justin Rohde felt that surrogacy could be their best bet to finally become parents. But when their first surrogate pregnancy ended in miscarriage and their surrogate didn’t want to try again, even that started to seem like a dead end. But little did the couple know that they’d soon be in for, well, double what they’d originally bargained: not only did their second surrogate get pregnant, but Nancy did too, five weeks prior.

The Rohdes shared their incredible story with Cosmopolitan this week, and with the help of their surrogate, Ashley Brown, and her husband Josh, they documented the months leading up to both women’s deliveries. Although Nancy and Justin were on the verge of becoming parents to two infants, just like any other couple expecting twins, the unusual difference was that their daughters were going to be born in two different states. By two different women. More than a month apart.

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