Viral: Parents discover baby girl is a boy

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A Michigan couple, told after a sonogram to expect a baby girl, were surprised to discover on the birth day that the baby was actually a boy.

Twenty weeks prior, Danielle Williams obstetrician had told her and husband Kyle Williams.

“When the doctor poked his head up and finally announced it was a boy, she thought it was a joke,” Kyle Williams told ABC News.

Danielle’s doc, Dr. Laura Corio, a gynecologist with Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York told the station she had never seen a mistake like that with any of her patients.

“The technology is so good nowadays you can really see the baby — especially if it’s a boy” she said. “The point of the sonogram at about 20 weeks is to check for the important stuff like brain development and the chambers of the heart…Sex is impossible to confirm without a test like an amniocentesis that looks at chromosomes.”

However, studies show that between 11 and 14 weeks, there is an 80 to 97 accuracy  of such tests and by 13 weeks none of the subjects in two separate studies had their fetus incorrectly identified.

The entire surprise moment was captured on video and has gone viral and made its way through several news channels who shared it.

Watch the surprise moment captured on video when they later surprised the grandmother by asking her to change the diaper of their new baby:

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