Best Baby Book Ever: Dad Does 32 Sec. Time Lapse Video of Daughter and Son from Birth to Teen

time lapse

And you thought updating your kid’s baby book was cumbersome. Master time lapse photographer Frans Hofmeester captured a few moments of his children’s lives each week from birth to age 16 and 13, respectively, and assembled the finished product in an amazing video that he unveiled to much fan fair.

I mean one edit of the videos was shown in the Spanish National Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, Spain in 2013.

Each day, the Dutch photographer took out his video camera and snapped Lotte, now 16, and Vince, now 13. He first shared the video he did of Lotte capturing her life in a 4 1/2 minute video and then when Vince was born, he continued the tradition. His initial finished capture of his son was 3 1/2 minutes long.

“Sometimes they did not feel like it,” writes Hofmeester of the weekly filming sessions. “Then I said ‘Just one minute. Tell me about your ball game, did you win?’ That way I stalled them so I could complete the shot.”

Then to make it more awesome, he put together a side-by-side of the two in a 32 second video! Wow! Check out the final product here!

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