TREND: Chokers for The Fashionably Less Bold

Chokers are all the rage but they don’t look that great on everyone. You might have to have the right outfit, confidence and look to pull it off.

But there are less bold options out there for women who are choker-timid.

A thinner strap choker tied in a bow is dainty and less in your face choice. Source

Instead of a thick strip material, a choker that is a trio of thinner straps can work. Source

A colored choker tied in one bow rocks. I like this green one. Source
Wear your choker like a piece of jewelry. Get one with beads or jewels. Source
Here is a choker that is a combination of a the less conspicuous choker looks. It is colored, has thinner strips in a row, tied I a bow and also resembles an article of jewelry. 

Kourtney Kardashian is one hot mom who wears chokers best.

Whether you dare to go bold or just admire from afar, chokers are a fab fashion trend that is here to stay!

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