Finally! Single Parent Emojis are Here

Well it is about time! Bustle reports:

According to the Apple Newsroom press site, the iOS 10 emoji updates will add new family options, which include single-parent families. You can choose a family with just a mom or just a dad, and have multiple options with the number of children. The newest batch of emoji families will still only come in the standard yellow option.

The choice to feature a single-parent emoji is especially important in terms of representation. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, less than half of kids in the U.S. have a “traditional family,” and at least 34 percent of children live in a household with an unmarried parent. The study also clarified that in most of these cases, the unmarried parent also does not have a partner.

I’ve been avoiding updating to the newest operating system but now I know about this, I might actually update tonight! Good job Unicode!

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