Trend: More Parents are Choosing to Have Just One Child


one and done

It is true that more parents are selecting to have just one child and no more. Call it a trend. Call it necessity. Call it balking at societal pressure to have more than one child. Call it what you want, but it is actually a growing trend.

Their reasons range from economics of having more than one kid to wanting to shower all attention to one sole individual to not wanting to undergo expense and time of trying again after fertility challenges.

Our partners at mode curated several articles that speak to the trend:

When people talk about children, they always refer to “having kids.” No one says: “Get married and have a kid.” The idea seems to be that children come in groups of two or more. But many couples are going against the grain and having just one child—and they are happier for it.



Check out One and Done: Why More Parents Are Having One Kid

by Clare Brown at Mode


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