A+ for Vogue Brasil’s Breastfeeding September Cover

vogue brasil

Kudos for Vogue Brasil for putting model Carol Trentini breastfeeding her newborn Benoah on its cover. It’s another step forward for normalizing breastfeeding which often time is shunned by society.

There is a large faction of the population that believe women should only nurse their babies in corners, their home and covered up and way from public consumption. As if, there is any offense to the abundance of cleavage that spills over tops on many women daily and in media images. Therefore, each time influential figures and publications can do their part to show new moms doing what’s natural in nourishing their offsprings, we’re all for it

In other photos in the spread, Trentni is seen with her 3-year old Bento being a multi-tasking mom of two!

Breastfeeding my baby boy for @voguebrasil THANK YOU ??

A photo posted by Carol Trentini (@trentinireal) on

Trentini is a wonderful model of working mother and attachment parenting as seen in this majestic image of the brunette pushing one child in a swing while actively nursing another in a baby carrier.

Better together ??? A photo posted by Carol Trentini (@trentinireal) on

And by promoting the cover, she is also normalizing breastfeeding. We are loving that there are billboards of the cover in public places! Superb!

Me , myself and I ( and my baby Benoah)

A photo posted by Carol Trentini (@trentinireal) on

This move takes off from Glamour Australia’s cover of model Nicole Trunfino on its cover recently.  Bellisimo! Bonita!

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