BumpWatch: Vanessa Lachey just Got Gifted the Cutest Onesie


Vanessa Lachey is expecting her third child with husband Nick Lachey and shared the most adorable and creative onesie on Instagram. It was a shortsleeve Tee with the words, “Aint No Mama Like the One I Got.”

Clearly, it is is a twist off of the popular 1972 song by the group Four Tops, “Aint no woman like the one I got.”

“Littlest Lachey is already getting some fun swag!” the former MTV host and actress captioned the photo”Laundry time just got even MORE fun!!! I can’t take the cuteness of baby clothes!”

The former beauty pageant winner also shouted out Steller-Seven, the cute boutique that sells various baby and children’s clothes with that slogan on them.

The Lacheys are parents to 20-month old daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth and 4-year old son Camden John.

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