Formula: Celeb Mom Shares Breastfeeding Photo, Society Gets Outraged

Audrina Partidge is the latest celeb momma to share a breastfeeding photo. The TV host and lifestyle blogger recently talked with PEOPLE about her early life with her newborn daughter, Kirra Max, who she welcomed with fiance Corey Bohan this past June.

In the photo, taken by her sister Casey Patridge Loza, Audrina is looking away while baby nurses.

“@caseyloza always capturing me in moments #momonthego,” she captioned the sweet moment. To no surprise, the majority of the people commenting under PEOPLE’s article expressed disgust at seeing her breast and annoyed that this moment was made into an article. We’ve blogged about the routine outrage here and here and here and here.

Many others have shared, but it isn’t always met with positive response.

@caseyloza always capturing me in moments ?? #momonthego

A photo posted by Audrina Patridge (@audrinapatridge) on

And our position remains that these images support the normalization of breastfeeding. Society is rarely angered over cleavage which reveals the same amount of a  woman’s breast as in an undershirt breastfeeding image, people, generally, but get annoyed over a mom nourishing her baby.


“Breastfeeding was the most painful thing,” she said of nursing her 13-week-old little girl. “For me, it was more painful than the c-section!” adding that “the first two to three weeks were excruciating. But I got through it!”

This comment from a commenter that shared my initials JJ

Love this! I’d much rather see this than another Kartrashian exposed dumper in my face. To all those haters who are so offended by BFing and images like this, where do you morals lie? Nobody is offended by women in Hollywood showing their breasts in a sexual nature for publicity, but a photo of a BFing mother that shows far less than a cleavage baring dress is offensive? Grow up and move on. It is legal to breastfeed and wonderful that more young women are choosing to do it. If you don’t like it, be an adult, and skim right passed it. You do have the freedom to look the other way. It’s called minding your own business.



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