Mom-to-Be Janet Jackson is Trending for an Odd Reason

janet jackson

I can’t believe Janet Jackson is trending for something so common as bed rest. The pop star is expecting her first child at age 50 and bed rest can be expected with high-risk pregnancies of women of advanced age. The gossip press is saying she is hiding from the public because of the baby’s health.

Also, “insiders” to the gossip blogs are reporting to the press that the “Unbreakable” singer has “ballooned” to 250 pounds and fears being seen in the public. Given that excessive weight gain is also not uncommon for first time moms –to-be (celebrity or not), I could easily see why she may be hesitant about being judged and attacked in the press and social media. Jackson has had a history of fluctuating weight and recently, she’s been at a healthy and curvy size during her concert tour.  With working in an industry that prioritizes beauty and size, it should come as no surprise that she is shielding herself away from the public eye, if it is true that she has put on a lot of pregnancy weight.

I’ve also seen people in social media hypothesize that she may be laying low because she is using a surrogate and doesn’t want anyone to see her without a pregnant belly. I highly doubt that scenario for a couple of reasons : 1) there is no shame in surrogacy as many women have welcomed babies into their lives that way; and 2) she never said she was carrying the baby herself (her brother did) and therefore there would be no “lie” to run away from if it was true.

In any event, my thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Jackson and her husband for a healthy pregnancy and safe labor and delivery.

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