Renee Zellweger: Prosthetic Bump in ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby” made her yearn Pregnancy

Renee Zellweger recently said that wearing a prosthetic bump in Bridget Jones’s Baby made her yearn for motherhood.

The actress, who plays an awkward Brit in the popular Diary of Bridget Jones franchise, said even seeing all the ups and downs her character went thru during her pregnancy in the movie she still admires pregnancy.

When asked by Good Moring Britain’s Kate Garraway while promoting the third movie in the UK ahead of the premiere, Renee described parenthood as ‘an adventure’. 

The child less (or child-free) star saluted women who are moms. 

“Kudos to the real mums out there who can’t take it off at the end of the day – it’s quite a load, ” she said.

Zellwegger famously took off 6 years from the movie making to spend more time with family and regroup, she once shared. 

In the Good Morning Britain interview she said, “[I wanted ] to have a little bit of normalcy. Learn some things that weren’t about researching a character. A different kind of life experience that’s all.”

In the film, Jones is a successful TV producer who finds herself pregnant and unknowing who the father of her child is after having back-to-back sexual encounters with her ex and a guy she is dating.

Bridget is unsure whether the father of the child is the faithful Mark Darcy, (Colin Firth), or the dashing American Jack Qwant, played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Doctor McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey).

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